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Looking Forward to My Next Workout with Quadracarn
This morning I took 5 Quadracarn and 10 Muscle Synergy 40 minutes prior to my training, 4 scoops Glutamine Select and 10 Density during training. I blasted out a PR on Romanian Deadlifts, cranking out 4 sets of 5 reps with 345lbs. at a bodyweight of 148.2lbs. Training for me is always at 5 am and I've never had any problems with energy levels, but I felt VERY good and in the zone for this workout. Much more so than usual. I am definitely looking forward to my next workout!

Quadracarn Update
I have now been on Quadracarn for four weeks. All other supplementation has remained unchanged. I take 24 Muscle Synergy on lifting days only, along with 4 Mass and 5 Ultra 40 with each of my daily 5-7 meals.

Before Quadracarn: May 11:
Weight – 147.7lbs @ 5.9% (non-age adjusted)

Four weeks later: June 9:
Weight – 151.1lbs @ 5.37% (non-age adjusted)
These measurements were taken with a 7 site caliper by my long time body fat guy. This is very encouraging progress. As Roger stated, I am also seeing increased muscle separation, hardness, splinters and cross striations normally apparent when I am closer to a show, although my calories have been roughly 400-500 grams higher than my usual maintenance calories. Calves, triceps, and quads have noticeably improved. What is also interesting is that I am not taking Quadracarn every day; Just on training days.

Aram N. Hamparian
Bronx, NY